Blog Post How Doing The Right Things At The Right Time = SUCCESS

How Doing The Right Things At The Right Time = SUCCESS



How Doing The Right Things At The Right Time = SUCCESS

How doing the right things at the right time = success 

Think of your favourite sport. Now think of your favourite athlete. When watching your favourite athlete in the throws of his or her sport, you’ll hear commentators always talk about one of the things that define this athlete from all of the rest.

It’s their ability to get their timing just right. Always finding the sweet spot hitting the ball with the racket, always using just the right amount of power when throwing that perfect touchdown pass.

Always making the right decision or doing the right thing at the right time.

How do they do that? Well these athletes were not born that way. Regardless of their natural talent, they had to commit to a training regime. It took practice. Lots of it! They had to depend upon their coach and their team of help for the advice given. They then followed it through. Doing as coached even if they didn’t quite understand the benefits yet.

The better the coach and the more they stick to the plan their coaching team planned for them the quicker they experience success and more importantly stay there. They understand that just because they have experienced success once – winning some form of recognition – they need to continue doing the right things at the right time to stay where they are.

It is no different in your network marketing business. However this is one of the biggest voids we’ve come across whilst empowering others. The concept of doing the right things at the right time doesn’t compute!

Many will join you in the business and perhaps take issue with or suggest other ways of actioning the business model instead of using the pre-existing business model that has already created hand over fist of successful 4, 5, 6 figure monthly income earners. Perhaps you are reading this right now realising that you might be that person!

“Since 1988 Reliv International has seen what does and doesn’t work so the Success System they have created is proven creating so many millionaires. Does it make sense trying to invent the theory of gravity? – Desi Reuben-Sealey”

There are two scenarios;

1 – They are new, and you if you helped them into the business are not as new. So you should be learning as much as you can, duplicating the knowledge of your mentor with a view to pass that on and learning how to have the correct type of posture to steer your new business partners in the right direction.

“It’s easier to steer a moving vehicle than it is to steer one stationery”

That person you are helping is going to be excited and you want to keep them that way setting new tasks, working “with” them as they start the very same processes you did when you joined the business. This way they keep moving. If you stop them dead in their tracks, it’ll be 5 times harder to start them up again.

The diference between right and wrong choices ultimately means success of failure2 – What if you are new in the business and are “that person” who thinks you know it better, who thinks your an Einstein? You may even have previous experience with another company and believe that you can applies those models the company you are now in.

But here is the thing, if that model so good you’d already be making the money you wanted. Use the model provide and stick to it.

What if there are activities you are given to do but shrink back from doing it? All that is is FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) and ultimately you’ll fail in your business.

It doesn’t matter how good the products is or the company’s business model. If you fail to do the right things at the right time, if you choose not to follow the coaching advice, any success you get will be fleeting at best.

So how do can you do the right things at the right time?

Tap into your personal mentor and the coaching team you have. Call them 10 times a day if you have to. If you are in the right company then you’ll start to understand that their job is to ensure your success. They teach you how to successfully learn & build your business.

Plug into the Success/Training system provided, learn and use all aspects of it. Use it to create personal growth within yourself. This is where you learn how to utilise the training system and work smart.

Both go hand in hand. Without either one, you will not find lasting success in your network marketing business.

So do the right things at the right time. This is how you build a successful business.

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