Blog Post 15 Incredible Social Media Facts That Will Suprise You!

15 Incredible Social Media Facts That Will Suprise You!



15 Incredible Social Media Facts That Will Suprise You!



Everyone rejoice, you are not alone with your social media addictions! With the amount of activity on the World Wide Web streaming at an unbelievably fast pace every minute, it’s almost impossible to keep tabs on social media statistics – that’s why with our friends from Digital Trends, Hubspot and The Social Skinny we bring to you the freshest and most entertaining social media facts of 2012/3.

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  1. 618 million people use Facebook daily, 23% check their News Feed five times a day or more.
  2. There are 2.7 billion “likes” on Facebook clicked per day.

  3. Shockingly enough, 95% of Facebook wall posts are NOT answered by brands. 

  4. 56% of consumers say they are more likely to recommend a brand after becoming a fan on Facebook. 

  5. Since Twitter surfaced on cyberspace, there has been 163 billion tweets sent out (that’s more than the number of books published in the world). 

  6. If you could convert the number of photos uploaded onto Instagram each month into money, you could feed almost 752,000 families of 5 with a budget of $50 per week…. That could solve world hunger.

  7. Every second, a new user signs up on Instagram so he or she can see the 3,480 newly uploaded photos every minute.  The number of photos uploaded each day is more than the number of articles currently published in the English Wikipedia. 

  8. On average, there are 4.7 billion searches per day are executed on Google.  If every person on earth went online today and searched once, that’s 66% of the entire world population.

  9. There are around 4.8 billion mobile users, and varying numbers of people claim to be able to do other things while on their mobile. 16 billion texts are probably sent by people while travelling to work, watching television, eating/checking in at a restaurant, socialising at parties, during ‘family’ time, on a date, or driving a car (which we don’t suggest you!). 

  10. It takes 26 hours for the average person to report a lost wallet. YET It takes 68 minutes for them to report a lost phone! 

  11. Android phone users are happier than iPhone users.   700,000 new Android phones are activated each day, which is nearly double the number of babies being born each day.

  12. A total of 1.3 billion phone apps have been downloaded on both Apple and Android devices.  That’s the total number of people who’ve seen Gangnam Style on Youtube. 

  13. An average of 27 minutes is spent on a typical Skype conversation, and 40% of all calls are video to video. 

  14. Of the 210 billion emails sent daily, 80% are spam. 

  15. There are 1.8 million blog posts written daily.

Bonus GROSS fact, a recent survey showed that a third of Australian Gen Y-ers are so dependent on their Smartphone that they even refused to part with it on the toilet. Make sure you pack your hand sanitiser next time you think about touching someone’s phone!


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