Blog Post INFOGRAPHIC: Marketing Valentine’s Day On Facebook

INFOGRAPHIC: Marketing Valentine’s Day On Facebook



INFOGRAPHIC: Marketing Valentine’s Day On Facebook




By: David Cohen

With Valentine’s Day coming up Friday, Facebook provided some statistics to help marketers on the social network take full advantage of the holiday.

Facebook provided some key findings, as well as the appropriate responses by marketers, in apost on the Facebook for Business page:

Men — and women — often wait until the last minute to make their plans: While small numbers of people begin planning for Valentine’s Day a month out, we found that one-third of men and women begin planning one week before Feb. 14. 28 percent of women and 37 percent of men buy gifts or book romantic nights out on Valentine’s Day itself. Key insight: With a week-long planning window, marketers should begin reaching people with Valentine’s Day-related messages around Feb. 7.

They put a ring on it: Valentine’s Day is a time for commitment. According to our data, 1.9 million people changed their relationship status within one week of Valentine’s Day last year, and 150,000 changed their status to “engaged.” Key insight: The days after Valentine’s Day are a great chance to reach people with messages geared toward couples.

People speak the language of love: Last year, love was prevalent in News Feed. Valentine’s Day chatter was concentrated around words like “love,” “chocolate,” “life,” “family,” and “presents,” and people under 24 were the most talkative demographic. Key insight: By using similar language, brands can join the Valentine’s Day conversation.

Marketers on Facebook: Anything to add?



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