Blog Post Coca-Cola Creates a Logo You Can Skate on

Coca-Cola Creates a Logo You Can Skate on



Coca-Cola Creates a Logo You Can Skate on

Ride the Coca-Cola logo

Big brands: they tend to follow usual structures which don’t differ them much from other brands, with the music and guessing on what actual brand might it be. They all follow the classic mystery line, where you have no idea what’s going on and then the world is revolutionized by either their product or their way to market it. Whether it’s Coca-Cola or a car ad, they all look the same. It’s pretty common sense that if it sells you are doing right, and just like you are told to find the right marketing strategy and follow it, Coca-Cola seems to have found theirs which they do successfully. It seems a bit boring and predictable, but it works, doesn’t it? So if it works and sales rise, then all is well and well, sometimes advertising doesn’t have to be innovative and at the same time big brands such as Coca-Cola have the privilege of whatever uncreative marketing tool they use, it’s still a good ad, it will bring in the flow. It depends on how much will the flow of customers be, but the point stands, when a big brand announces something or shows their logo anywhere they are much much more likely to be recognized and this becomes a usual human reaction. Just like you react more excitedly to a call by a person you know and will be more likely to think of them during the day, the same happens to Coca-Cola. You see their ad, you’ll think of buying Coca-Cola rather than an unfamiliar product.

Sports and the need to refresh

When it comes to the actual skating ramp shown, there’s a whole theme going on with soft drinks and sports. You get thirsty after a work out, so it’s pretty much the classic, ‘I’m driving to town, I’ll use that in a car ad’ sort of thing. The ramp itself is more classic than ever, yet still crafty as you’ll be recalling that you were actually skating or riding your bike through the Coca-Cola logo. Also, this ad scores extra points as it addresses the teenager /skating/bike-riding niche, which are more likely to be thirsty and buy a soft drink on the street to quickly hydrate and continue with their activities. Pay attention next time you go past a skate park, there’s always people watching others do tricks, so it becomes an ad forced upon this group too since they’re constantly observing, but it becomes of use, as it is the actual ramp.      

Know the brand, trust the brand

By watching the logo people just get reminded of Coca-Cola. The more you see an image, the more trust you give it and the more likely you will be to buy the product associated with it, as it seems to have developed some friendly bond with your mind. Moderation is important, otherwise you can commit the opposite: the ads keep repeating itself to exhaustion and might cause a negative negative response. Viewers have seen it far too many times (like Messi and Lays crisps which have been in partnership for years and years) which causes another reaction, it makes them think that the brands are getting lazy with creativity, so it’s always important to spice it up before hitting that point. Remember 10 years ago how Pepsi would take a lot of different celebrities and always stir it up? In short, that.

Here, Coca-Cola isn’t clinging onto one sole image, the structure of the ad may be the same, but the advertising techniques are always different and more than often hit the unique characteristic.


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