Services Investment and Growth

Malaysia is rapidly developing country with plenty of opportunities for new businesses.
Hinextep, being founded as an international company in Malaysia and based here for few years already, given us this opportunity to have experienced local markets so well to be able to “feel” and understand foreign solo entrepreneurs or international businesses needs and expectations.
We are here to assist you from the beginning til your business grow enough (if there’s enough). The services we provide in Malaysia are listed as below:

Business Set Up

Company incorporation in Labuan

Labuan, being one of offshore financial centers in Asia, has attracted many multinational businesses and entrepreneurs from all over the world to set up business here using Malaysia as a hub for their international businesses.
The key advantages to incorporate your company in Labuan:

1. 100% foreign owned without Malaysian partner. Only need one Director, who can be Shareholder at the same time. No need to have local partner.

2. Time Efficiency: You can incorporate your company in shortest time, maximum 7 working days

3. No Bureaucracy: Not many documents required to set up your company in Labuan. The process is fast, simple and possible to be done remotely when you’re not in Malaysia.

4. Investment: Labuan International Company can act as Investment Holding Company for property/assets.
NO TAX on Investment Holding company structure!

5. Trade: Labuan International Company can serve your International Trading Business.
NO trade licences required for trading, import-export and consultancy services.
NO Sales&Service tax and GST for your sales transactions!
Yearly taxation on profit of Trading Company only 3% or maximum 20000RM (~6700USD).

6. Corporate bank account can be opened anywhere in Malaysia in RM and foreign currencies.
*Some clients find it difficult to come over to Malaysia just be present at bank to sign papers. But we provide special service for this situation. We can open your bank account without your presence at bank.

7. Easy to get work permit and visa: You can apply for your visa as soon as your company has been incorporated.

Key advantages to have Work permit visa

1. Business visa is valid for TWO (2) YEARS, multiple entry and renewable.

2. Business visa application takes only 3-4 WEEKS.

3. Business visa holders can reside anywhere in Labuan and West Malaysia (where major cities – Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor are located).

4. You can also apply for Dependent Pass(es) for your spouse, children, parents and other relatives to stay/live with you.

5. You are able to open bank accounts and apply for ATM cards.

6. Types of visa you can apply for:

  • Employment Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Dependent Visa
  • Resident Visa

To get more details and information, please fill the company Set Up form at link below. Our specialist will contact you promptly as soon we receive your request.


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Business Development


  • Connecting companies to local and regional markets
  • Introduce companies product / service directly to end users
  • Assisting in identifying expansion or growth opportunities
  • Improve the effectiveness of their sales & marketing efforts
  • Identifying new markets, product lines and technologies



We start each project by developing a clear and precise understanding of the business situation. In the process we thoroughly question, sometimes even challenge, the premises, assumptions and available research. Once the contemplation is complete, we identify the optimal strategies and begin developing the tactical plans and creative development

  • Creative Ideas
  • Generating new markets
  • Lead Generation
  • Communication Tools
  • Event Marketing
  • Online Marketing





  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Building Customer Brand Relationship
  • Communication Strategy

Verbal Identity


  • Corporate Identity and Brand Name
  • Slogans and Tag Lines
  • Brand Language Audit

Visual Identity

  • Advertisements
  • Peripherals and Signage
  • Corporate Print Materials



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