Blog Post Would You Answer A Mysterious Phone call And Obey A Strangers Bizarre Request?

Would You Answer A Mysterious Phone call And Obey A Strangers Bizarre Request?



Would You Answer A Mysterious Phone call And Obey A Strangers Bizarre Request?


For many people, there’s a certain magic about a night out on the town. It’s a twilight adventure, fuelled by lowered inhibitions and a sense of things to come. There’s unexpected additions, new discoveries and temporary friends, all coming together between dusk and the dawning of tomorrow. Capturing that moment, which is so powerful as to almost be a Western fairytale brought to life by the chaotic odyssey of the boys from Hangover, within a brand’s image is so priceless that it seems almost impossible. However, this seems to be exactly what Heineken is trying to do with their new campaign called Routine Interruptions.

A Social Experiment

Heineken is running the Routine Interruptions campaign like a social experiment, but based on their previous guerrilla marketing campaigns we’re seeing a definite trend. It started with campaigns like The Decision, which encouraged one Heineken-drinking guy to travel all the way from Mexico to London for the UAFA final on the invitation of a lovely lady just 24-hours before the game. This campaign aimed to bring the unexpected and crazily unbelievable experiences of a night out to Heineken loyals, and from what we’ve seen of the Routine Interruptions campaign it looks much the same.

The video above is just a teaser, but there’s definitely a common thread. That idea of stepping off into the unknown, trusting in your own sense of adventure and throwing yourself to the experience is a concept Heineken are loving exploring. It’s a smart direction for their marketing to take, considering their ‘Open Your World’ tagline. The Routine Interruptions campaign is running under an ‘Open Your City’ tagline, indicating a more specified approach.

Why It Looks Interesting

Obviously, this is just a teaser, so we’re only getting a basic idea of what’s going to happen. What’s interesting in this case is that, unlike the last campaign that targeted Heineken drinkers, this campaign targets people just walking on the street. This means that there’s a potential to bring a strong brand loyalty to people who aren’t necessarily Heineken customers already. Also the addition of famous face Fred Armisan is a notable aspect, as it brings yet more of what could be an unbelievable night out narrative.

Text in the video tells us that the five people who trusted in their sense of adventure will get a chance to step into the ‘ultimate night out’ leaving us with only hints about what this could entail. This mystery, on the back of their previous, highly successful, campaigns will have people (and not just Heineken fans) guessing and ready for more. There’s guaranteed to be laughs (the comedian assures us of that), but what comes next only more video evidence can say. Certainly Heineken have set the bar pretty high for this campaign, but they need not necessarily outdo themselves as long as the concept of the campaign does.

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